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We Care | MCFriendly

We Care

about your mental health and well-being, No one has "perfect" mental health all of the time, and we understand that. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and this page was created to give you resources that can assist you. We understand that this may be a sensitive or difficult topic to take on, but it is a topic that is important to bring awareness to. Mental health awareness isn't just a month, or a day - it's all the time.

Reach out

to someone that you trust who will be able to help you navigate through these difficult times. The ideal person to reach out to would be someone who makes you feel safe, you may be able to make a list of adults in your life who you are able to talk to about how you are feeling. Some people who may be included in your list may be:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Parents of friends
  • Counselors / Therapists
  • Doctors / Nurses
  • Coaches / Club advisors
  • Religious leaders
  • Law enforcement

If you or someone you know are in crisis or there is an emergency, call your local emergency services immediately.


to contact if none of the above recommendations are a good option for you.
Click Here

Disclaimer: All of the content found on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, professional diagnosis, or professional treatment. MCFriendly is not licensed for treatment, and you should always seek the advice of professionals when dealing with any questions related to your own health or condition. Do not disregard anything you have been told by a professional just because of something you have read here.