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IGN: Turttles
7 months ago

Hello all, 

I have done a massive update on our webstore. These changes were made in preparation for 1.17. 

For starters, all ranks have been made cheaper - with relative perks. I have also removed Titan from the ranks list (Titan ranks will automatically be upgraded to Legend in 1.17). 

Relative Perks

Packages have been nerfed to fit the economy style / format of the 1.17 server. (See 3/3 Update Log)

For example, rather than Champion receiving $10,000 on purchase, you will receive $2,500. This has been applied to every rank package.


This is something new that I will be trying. I have finally released the Overlord rank, but in a pre-order 1.17 format. 

As 1.17 changelogs are being released, changes will be made to the Overlord rank. When purchasing - you will still receive the rank + associated perks in 1.16.5. 

If you're looking to upgrade from Legend to Overlord (pre order), please create a ticket in our Discord. 

Rank Upgrades

Rank upgrades will be coming in 1.17! However, ranks previously purchased through an alternative website (such as our old Enjin site) will not be directly eligible for an upgrade. You will need to create a ticket (POST 1.17 / WHEN UPGRADES ARE RELEASED) to receive information on how to upgrade.

- Minor changes to styling + TOS will be updated in coming days. 

Thank you all for your continued support! Enjoy up to 50% off this entire week! 

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