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IGN: Turttles
9 months ago

The story...

Something new has appeared on MCF.. a rift in dimensions and time. These images were taken by explorers who are now reported as missing.  According to locals in this small town, they were last seen heading north toward the mining caves.

MCFriendly Gets A New Spawn

Before the 1.17 update, you might find yourself in an unfamiliar area. Do not fear! This is our new spawn. Though, be wary of the creatures lurking about. 

This new spawn will feature some of the following, and more:

  • New hangout spots (Tavern, Swimming Hole, Library, etc.)
  • Dungeon Area
  • Watch Tower
  • Player markets
  • Questing locations
  • New Points of Interest

Jump in, and unfold the story of the lost explorers. Doing so may grant you some shiny rewards. 

Some questing storylines may not be yet available and certain spawn features may still be under construction. For the time being though, enjoy the natural elements of the surrounding mystical forest, or get lost in the old mining caves.

(Coming week of 3/1) 

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