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IGN: MusicalBear
8 months ago

Heyyo it's Bear :))

I was wondering what if MCF had mods i dont know if they will ever add or anything just wondering, In my opinion i would like mods but wouldn't at the same time, because there are ups and downs to them from what i know xD

For Example, You need a launcher that can handle/ allow the mods to be viable you know, if this even makes sense >_<

but they are much fun unless there is a way to get mods withount having to use a launcher or something


Thought i should just start a topic :P

Let me know what you think guys :DD

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8 months ago

That would be cool but I think the hassle of distributing a mod pack would be too much and it would be better to keep it how it is.

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IGN: Turttles
8 months ago

There is a system we can use to run plugins + mods simultaneously, however each individual would need to have the mod installed in order to fully play and enjoy the server if we run Forge based mods. (i.e. Forge launcher).

It is something I have considered though, and may consider for the future! c: