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IGN: kotngotn_
7 months ago

What's up MCF!? The time is now! Our 1.17 reset is here.

What's in store for MCFriendly? Check out under the cut for the full update log!

Full map reset for 1.17! New spawn, new world (35k x 35k! Our largest yet!), and new features!

New competitive style of play! The Nether and End are now PVP enabled zones! Keep inventory and /fly is OFF. Enter at your own risk!

Economy changes! MCFriendly is now a :diamonds~1: Diamond based economy! :diamonds~1: The only item you can sell directly to the server is now diamonds at 100 $ per diamond! 

New plug ins and crates! Stay tuned as we roll out these new features! Quests, new crate items, and new rewards! 

 Keep a close eye on the website and discord as we announce new features rolling out over the coming weeks. We appreciate your patience as we iron out the kinks and we settle into our new look. 

Thank you for playing with us, MCFriendly community!

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