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MCF Rules
 thediamondkittie •   7 months ago •  541



Spamming is not allowed. Examples of spamming including but not limited to: 

>Stretching sentences or words across multiple messages.

>Key smashing in excess.

>Sending multiple teleport or marriage requests.

>Excessive capslock

>Nonsensical messages

>Repeating sentences or messages in excess


Our server is English based, and we ask you use English only in chat to ensure all of our staff are able to monitor the game as efficiently as possible.


Sending links in chat requires prior staff appro...

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MCFriendly 1.17 Reset Update Log
 kotngotn_ •   7 months ago •  396

What's up MCF!? The time is now! Our 1.17 reset is here.

What's in store for MCFriendly? Check out under the cut for the full update log!

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 Turttles •   7 months ago •  706

MCFriendly Turns 4! + 1.17 Update!

hello gamers! time for your 1.17 update

Here's a quick rundown of our plans for the 1.17 update -

WHEN IS IT?!!!?!?!??

when it feels ready to, that's when. 

No, seriously - developers are currently working on our...

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Sappy update stuff
 Turttles •   8 months ago •  614

Hello everyone, 

It's been a bit since I last made an announcement, so I feel as this is long overdue. I want to start by thanking everyone who has continued to support MCFriendly. I know, at the moment, the server / community feel dead - but I promise, they're far from it. MCFriendly will always have peaks and troughs - it's something that can happen with a server that has existed for close to 4 years now. Below is some transparency, and a general plan of action for updating. This isn't fully set in stone as I will explain below. Truly, though, I want to thank everyone who has stuck by our community and supported our community - our server was founded for the commmunity and built by the community. When I first joined, be...

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Something big is on the horizon...
 Turttles •   11 months ago •  830

The story...

Something new has appeared on MCF.. a rift in dimensions and time. These images were taken by explorers who are now reported as missing.  According to locals in this small town, they were last seen heading north toward the mining caves.

MCFriendly Gets A New Spawn

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